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Research & Customer Insight

Opportunities are endless when you understand what drives your customer’s needs and desires. WEM offer creative services to help you gain an in depth understanding of your customers and their purchase behaviour to put you ahead of your competition, find creative new innovation streams and drive growth for your business.


7 great reasons to do market research:

1. Understand your customers better – actively listen to your customers and understand their needs and wants.

2. Identify opportunities – that actually deliver something of value to your customers

3. Create a market position – for a completely innovative product/service

4. Know your competitors – Identify indirect or potential competitors who may take you by surprise.

5. Understand the strengths and weaknesses – of your product/service and its core capabilities.

6. Competitive Edge – ensure you have the competitive edge and that your offerings add valuable and unique benefits to your customers

7. Stay ahead of the game – it’s an on-going cycle of research

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Research – Data Analysis

WEM offer a distinctive service that enhances your customer and marketplace insight through the development and analysis of ad-hoc market /continuous data.  This stimulating insight is then developed to actively identify and present strategic opportunities to deliver profitable growth within defined product sectors.


7 great reasons why you should delve into your customers minds

1. Strategic Planning – Identify and present strategic opportunities for the brand(s)/category to deliver profitable growth within defined product sectors.

2. Enhance distribution channels – Actively identify and drive distribution opportunities.

3. Innovation & NPD – Effectively identify new innovation streams, new product development and existing product develop in line with your customer needs.

4. Activity Implementation – Implement brand marketing activity ensuring quality of end delivery and assessment of effectiveness.

5. Understand your customer purchase behaviour – Gain an in depth understanding of your customers purchase behaviour, why they are buying your products, how often and how they are using them.  Understanding this process ensures you fill any gaps in your customers’ needs and ensure messaging engaging correctly.

6. Develop of better understanding of your competitive market – Where does your company or product sit within the competitive set? How are customers purchasing your competitors products?  How can you switch customer spend to your brand/products/services?

7. Set objectives and targets for the brand/category – Through gaining actionable insight into your brand/category, objectives and targets can be effectively identified and then achieved through devising specific tactics for example targeted promotions.


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